Friday, 19 August 2011

Preserved Moments in Time photo pieces

Domestic Paradise project
January/March 2011

I realised I was running out of projects to experiment with and I just had to base one on rocks and minerals. The structures fascinate me, its like random complex geometry...

I wanted to produce a piece that wasn't jewellery.

As the project title was domestic paradise.. I was thinking about my past. I produced a video tape with a tonne of very small photos stuck on the actual tape of the cassette. This then brought me on to looking at the photos and how I could make an interesting photo frame/holder.

This is a CAD (computer-aided design) render I produced from looking at minerals. I actually was about to make the back frame but just as I was about to make it I realised in this picture it was taking away from the photos, so I discarded that idea.

I made the photos into mineral shapes. They are amazing when held up in light, so instead of a wall piece they would be better hung up infront of a light.

I kept the shapes of the photos the same as in the CAD image. They were hung up on a wall in this photo of them. I took the photo from the side to show the 3D - mineral like quality.

They are meant to be angular and 'rough-cut'.

As you can see for what the piece is about, it is a really personal piece. I don't need to delve into why though as that is only important to me.

In future I want to come back to this project and see how I could make it into jewellery.


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  1. awesome, really looking forward to seeing it as a resolved piece.