Sunday, 23 January 2011

Start of Semester 2

Which learning style best represents me?
Activist, Reflector, Theorist or Pragmatist?

Apparently none.

I took a test/questionaire and I wasn't at all suprised by my result. Technically I'm what you call "Multi-Modal". I don't have a dominant style. I suppose that could be a good thing because I can be put in situations and be able to adapt to them. However I got "very low" for activist...So I don't learn well from situations I have been thrown into or haven't planned. I'm really not good if I've been put on the spot because I panic. I try to: put what people have said together, stick to the topic at hand, plan and be practical/realistic. I'm a mixture of different qualities from Reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist because only half I agree with and thats probably why I never got a high score.

It was hard to work out which style best represented the people in my study group. I got a couple right but was far off on other people's. What shocked me was that I was the odd one out of the group! "Team Gorgeous" should really be called "Activists + Becca" haha. I kind of wish I was more of an activist, seems more fun :P but it doesn't work for me.
To try make the team more Multi-Modal, they'd probably need to apply aspects from the other styles, like sitting back, researching and planning more, being realistic, that sort of thing.
I think activists are always good in a team because they keep the ball rolling.