Thursday, 18 August 2011

Knife Crime and Computer Game Brooches

I'm going to revise my projects that I completed this past year.

To begin with:

Narrative project

September/October 2010

I'll admit my outcome did not do the knife crime concept any justice. I think because the subject was so big and strong I wasn't able to project a big and strong piece. I didn't want to glamorize knife crime. I could have made a very sharp bold piece of jewellery but I didn't feel it put across the fact that I was against knife crime.

I got a creative block halfway... then I brought in computer games as I enjoy them, yes even violent ones...

(table showing crime figure decreasing when games were released. I don't know where this was based though)

(This was what I asked friends regarding computer games)

Then I got lost and couldn't work out what I was trying to show. I ended up making to very obvious brooches.

I think I made them small as well because I wasn't completely confident with them.

However I did like how I put the brooches on display. I felt the titles "RESTART" and "RETHINK" put across what I was trying to show in these brooches as well as the separate write up:

"In a game you can begin again if something has not worked out for you. With real life you can not erase what you have done. While building up knife crime numbers, not only does violence cause physical pain for the victims, it causes emotional pain for others. "

After completing this project, I realised in the short space of time I was trying to tackle a very complex subject and was not able to research it enough.

In a jewellery sense, I also realised I was making too many brooches and not other types of jewellery and that I needed to make things with more confidence.


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  1. Awesome. Really like the 'restart - rethink' thing, government ad's should use it for anti knife crime.