Thursday, 2 September 2010

Watercolour Portrait

I decided to paint my mate Sana seeing as she was the person that was online at the time when I was wanting to paint! And chose one of Nuno's photos of her that he took for his catwalk project. (Click their names to go to their blogs).

-Ok.. photo isn't good quality and blogger has made it small .. just take my word that its way better in person -

This has to be one of the best portraits I've ever done. I spent about 2-3 weeks on it, painting in small amounts.
Time and patience is key.
I've improved my painting skills and have brought my old friend - watercolours - back into my life! I used to use them a lot in highschool and then ditched them for acrylics and inks when I was making up my portfolio. My love for watercolours has come back! :)

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  1. Becca, this is so good! i am so proud of you :)nice to know your passion for watercolour and painting has come back. Its always good to keep these up on the side,though i know how hard it is when we get so caught up with studio work. Now that you've got a hang of it again im sure this will help you in your sketch books too. Look forward to seeing more paintings :)x