Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Group Meeting

So back to university - I'm in the middle of week 2 of 3rd year and I am already working away!
For my first assignment for design studies I am looking into Resource Depletion. I literally had to look up the whole list to see what each topic given ment! Somehow this one really stood out to me. I have to write a 1000word summary of it and how it relates to design. This shouldn't be too hard, the only struggle is finishing early so it can get proof read (the hard times of being dyslexic :P). So this week I really need to get the reading done so I can write it next week.

I was put in a group of 8, each studing different areas in design which will be my study group. Last thursday we had a "lunch date" to decide and discuss what topics we were doing.

This is us! Alan is missing from the photo because he had to leave early.

I kind of wish I had made more of an effort with my appearance now!

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