Thursday, 18 February 2010

Development of catwalk piece

I was ment to write this blog sooner but I've been really busy!
My piece is based on a hall that was built in 1570 (during Elizabeth I's reign).
Little Moreton Hall
This image is from wikipedia (I just randomly chose it from google images to show you).

Isn't it pretty? :)
I just love the patterns and the strong contrast.

I randomly came up with this design (and others but this is the one that I thought was best). The original image of the woman was from the book Tudor Costume and Fashion by Herbert Norris.

As I started making the piece, the design changed a lot. I believe I come up with ideas better when I am playing around with materials than working in a sketchbook.

This was the model I made 2 weeks ago to get a basic idea of how to make it.
The plastic part has been flocked with black, to follow the black out line in the Moreton hall pattern (3 hours of inhaling flock was not good!). Black and white together were Queen Elizabeth's favourite colours, so I wanted to incorperate this into the piece. By using the flock it gives the piece a more textile feel. The metal collar has been etched like this:

I did not want to show the final piece yet, it is almost done....
I am modelling it tomorrow, so will upload the photos at the weekend :)

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