Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Recording the past...

Hazel White's Website

Hazel White explained her experience over the years last Friday in a lecture and it was good to see examples of the work she has done. Her work and ideas have changed a lot in the space of about 10 years, I like how she has developed her work and moved onto different ideas. Her interactive jewellery is really interesting. She spoke about a past story of a relative and I liked the idea of something holding a record of that.
During the summer I joined, after watching Who Do You Think You Are?, as I wanted to find out who was in my family before me. I got quite far back but there was only two people that had made a name for themselves so there was info about them on a couple of sites. Shame I wont be able to hear about any of their lives personally, I only know little snippets my grandparents have told me from what they remember being told. I think jewellery (just a example, could be an electrical piece or something) that holds a record of you personally would be good for future generations wanting to see who was in their family before them - see if they act the same, same views, personality... etc. Most important, their stories.

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  1. Hi Becca, really interesting post. I too am interested in holding on to memories and trying to translate them into jewellery. But if you are interested in using something digitally I suggest you take a look at Jayne Wallace. Her work is amazing and I think you would really like the concepts behind it.