Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Jewellery & art and general interesting/inspiring websites

Jewellery/Art sites:

1. Dazzle Exhibitions

2. Whos Who In Gold and Silver

3. Association for Contemporary Jewellery

4. Genna Delaney I could put more jewellers up here, but I particularly liked her work.

5. Deviant Art (I would post my profile but I haven't updated it for almost a year and its mostly just got my old photomanipulation pictures I used to do. I check this site everyday to see what artwork people are favouriting and to see what artwork the people I follow/watch are producing).

General interesting/inspiring websites:

1. TED - Technology, Entertainment, Design

2. BBC


4. Youtube e.g. Christina Aguilera's Fighter music video directed by Floria Sigismondi

5. The Guardian



  1. Hi, checking through Gennas referral logs and spotted the mention again. I have thrown a blog on her site now and suggested she put up a lot more images on Picassa etc so you may see more work coming up soon that you like.

  2. Oh thanks for commenting, I will check it out :)